What is Symptometry?

Symptometry is a unique healthcare approach that focuses on non-invasive methods to improve one’s health. Its aim is to educate health-conscious individuals on how to take a more proactive approach to their health. It teaches them how to correct their dietary and lifestyle mistakes, reverse abnormalities, and enable their cells to self-correct, self-regulate, and self-perpetuate in cleaner blood with more energy and oxygen. For more information, you can visit amsos.org.

“Hello, my name is Simone Hardy. I first heard about Symptometry while conducting research online, leading me to
Dr. Nartey. I was researching for a better solution than conventional medicine.

I tried eleven professionals/doctors/teachers/healers, who were all knowledgeable. However, I did not achieve the desired result until I decided to try Symptometry with Dr. Nartey. About three weeks after taking my health package customized to my specific health condition, I noticed my symptoms subsiding, it has now been four months, and my CT scan showed no sign of a tumor. I am elated; My Symptometry health coach taught me to eat scientifically to ensure my tumor will not return. I would recommend others to try Symptometry. It saved my life.”


Simone Hardy

“My name is Sharon Mckinney Holmes. This testimonial is about the benefits of symptometry remedies for diabetes. My husband, Samual Holmes, had chronic diabetes to the point that he lost the left lower limb of his leg. He started taking the Symptometry method for his diabetes in January of 2023, and he had only taken it for three months, and his diabetes is completely gone. His doctors are amazed his A1C is down. His sugar level is in the 120-130 range, his urine is clear, and his blood pressure is better than mine. My husband is so thankful. We both thank you, Dr. Nartey. Keep up the good work!”

Sharon M. Holmes.

“I suffered from knee stiffness, constant knee pain, and swelling. I got painful injections, and it did not stop the swelling. After taking Symptometry products for only 30 days, I have no swelling or stiffness in my knees. Before I used to get up, it would hurt, and I could move like I should. I am now walking without pain. I only use the cane when I get up at night. Let me tell you, Dr. Nartey is the best! I ordered another month’s supply and will continue taking it until I no longer need it. I understand how difficult it is for people to believe it, but I recommend you try it. What can you lose? Accept your pain. I feel good, and I know I am getting better.”

A true believer.

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