Cancer Prevention

cancer is preventable
overcome cancer naturally and scientifically
repair cells, genes and DNA
nutrition counseling

Heart Health

stroke recovery
high Blood Pressure
mitral valve prolapse
weak heart
enlarge heart
low blood pressure
varicose veins

Memory Package

memory loss
​forgetfulness and confusion
mental clarity/brain fog
emotional stability

Smokers Health

smokers cough
marijuana addiction
cigarette addiction
lung cancer
lung congestion
lung health.

Healthy Longevity

for age 40+ to minimize risk of common “old age” concerns
memory loss
strong heart muscle
strong blood vessels
gout removal/prevention
remove calcified plaque/cholesterol

Peak Performance

for energy & mobility at any age
more energy
sleep quality

Proactive Longevity

strength and fitness
mental clarity
food selection
sound sleep

Knee Pain

mobility issues
rebuild torn cartilage/ligaments
popping knees
crackling knees
bone on bone pain

Weight loss

breaks up the fat globules that block cell nourishment.
produce natural cortisol to end or prevent inflammations.
jump start your Lipotropic (fat) hormone.
tone the stomach, hips, thighs, and arms.

Formula A16B

remove excess lactic acid from blood
overcome viral attacks
prevents aches and pain
clears mucus congestion
strengthens ligaments/cartilages
prevents tearing of ligaments/cartilages
helps with annoying cough

Ferric Iron

to clear subclinical anemia throughout the body ​supply ferriheme to produce ferritin supply electrical energy for maximal neuronal activities Ignite supernovas for maximal neuronal activities


supply HDL (high-density Lipoprotein)
produce testosterone in male/female
hormonal imbalance
prevent post partum
mood swings
mensural irregularities
weight gain
fertility concerns

Men’s Health

erectile dysfunction
low sex drive
weak erection
frequent urination
extended belly