Yvette Dean, CSHC, is dedicated to helping her clients live healthier and longer lives by embracing a scientific approach to eating and living. Yvette’s own health challenges led her to discover Symptometry’s root cause therapeutics, which focuses on restoring health at the cellular level. After successfully overcoming her illness with Symptometry, she pursued a degree in cellular health and obtained certification in scientific eating and living at The American School of Symptometry, NFP.


Meet Dr. Maxwell Nartey (DSym) – THE MAN BEHIND SYMPTOMETRIC SCIENCE. Author and founder of Symptometry, originator of Root Cause Therapeutics™, Dr. Maxwell Nartey and his non-invasive approach have helped countless people overcome chronic and acute symptoms. By removing known hindrances from the cells, DNA, blood, and the lymphatic system, he restores one’s health at the cellular level.

The American School of Symptometry, NFP

The American School of Symptometry, NFP is a is an educational institution that teaches and empowers individuals who want to be healthy how to correct their dietary and lifestyle mistakes, and help their cells to self-correct, self-regulate, and self-perpetuate in cleaner blood and with more oxygen.

“Root-Cause Therapeutics” takes a cell-friendly approach.

Particulates and Molcules

There is only one favor our cells want from us, and this favor is, a perfect match. A perfect match is the product that supplies what our cells need. Our cells want obstructions to be removed, and they want them to be removed with nothing but energy. Only particulates supply the thermal energy or the electrical energy that smashes the bonds so that water, nutrients and oxygen can start flowing into the cells again to restore one’s health