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Nourishing the Body at the Cellular Level”

A science -based diet that follows the principles of Symptometic Science. Embark on a scientific journey where science and sustenance come together to improve your health at the cellular level. Scientific Recipes is not just a meal plan; it’s a new way of thinking about nutrition, carefully designed to strengthen your cells and promote the production of enzymes with every delicious dish.

At the core of our philosophy is the deep understanding that our cells are crucial to our health. To thrive, they need more than just food—they require a balanced combination of nutrients, pure electrolyte water, essential salts, and life-giving forces such as electricity, heat, and magnetism. Above all, they benefit from an abundance of enzymes to support their vital functions.

Just like a well-maintained machine, our cells also need periodic cleansing. Imagine tiny particles traveling through your veins, neutralizing toxins, eliminating bacteria, and breaking down stubborn fat. This cellular cleanse rejuvenates your cells, enabling them to self-correct, self-regulate, and thrive in an environment rich in energy and oxygen. The outcome? A stronger immune system, victory over illnesses, and sustained good health.

The problems of modern life arise from the mismatch between our dietary choices and our cellular needs. It’s time to think about health differently! Connect with us to learn more about our scientific eating plan, or if you have a health question or concern about your health. Take advantage of your complimentary consultation with coach Yvette by booking a appointment today.



“Unlock the secret to a healthy body ”


“Unlock the secret to a healthy body with our enzyme-boosting recipes!

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The American School of Symptometry, NFP 

The American School of Symptometry teaches individuals to empower their cells for self-correction and cleaner blood with more energy and oxygen. The school offers a variety of courses, that include specialty topics like liver care,  gallbladder care, mental health and behavioral disorders. The curriculum boldly focuses on the health and well-being of cells and DNA.

Open enrollment with no medical background required, makes our programs accessible to a wider audience.


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​Together with Symptometry root-cause therapeutics we offer you the only health care system that addresses the needs of the cells in order to overcome any illness or disease naturally and scientifically.