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Symptometry and scientific recipes are ideal for the average person, the businessman or woman, the parent, the athlete, CEO, and the hard worker who wants to stay healthy in life.
Despite the advances in optometry, dentistry, emergency care, and diagnostics, medical science falls short in repairing DNA, removing antagonists from blood, and improving the function of ribosome RNA.

Fundamentally, Symptometry allows the cells to produce healing essentials with the professional assistance of a Doctor of Symptometry.

Strict rules and laws govern our health, and this is where scientific eating and living take precedence. Selecting and cooking your foods according to scientific principles helps you overcome and prevent illness. 

Yvette Dean is a Certified Symptometry Health Coach. Yvette is driven to help her clients live a healthier life psychologically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, by transitioning to a scientific way of eating and living!


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